Sumaiya Nehla Saif

Sumaiya Nehla SaifWomen in Economics Fellow, Common Sense Policy Roundtable

Sumaiya Nehla Saif received her undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Asian University for Women (AUW), Bangladesh. AUW is the first all-women liberal arts college in South Asia, with a diverse student body comprising of women from 16 countries across Asia and Middle East. During college, Sumaiya worked as Economic Development Intern at the Export-Import Bank of Korea in Seoul, South Korea and received the Andy Matsui Award for her academic achievements and co-curricular activities at AUW. She recently completed her graduate degree in Economics from the University of Denver, where she received the Edmund Barbour Award for Outstanding Achievement and Satish Raichur Award for Excellence of a Graduate Student in the Study of Political Economy. Throughout her academic journey, Sumaiya has researched on a wide range of topics such as efficiency analysis in public health expenditure, female labor productivity, female entrepreneurship and management practices and international trade, spanning various countries such as Brazil, India, Bangladesh, South Korea and Vietnam.

Email Sumaiya Nehla Saif: Sumaiya@csprco.org